Compassionate training in medicine, using Junaio

Students of Sheffield Hallam University were training with “SimMan” dummies – highly specialized training dummies that simulate breathing, blood drawing and many other metrics. The missing piece to the puzzle though was a personality. According to AR lead Rupert Forsythe, for all the impressive things that SimMan can simulate, he was “still just an expressionless plastic dummy”.

“To create a feeling of empathy and enhance caring” during the training scenarios, and to bring these training sessions closer to the conditions of real-life situations, Metaio developers Campus Interactive built an innovative Junaio-based AR app in collaboration with the University.

Read the entire article to discover how the concept worked. 

A medical CT scanner, a 3D printer and Junaio, used to replicate artwork

MaaikeRoozenburg - Smart Replicas

Studio Maaike Roozenburg, Delft University of Technology, the AR Lab and the Royal Academy of Art worked tightly together to reconstruct and augment 17th-century artwork: delicate porcelain teacups and fragile glasses, hosted by the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Normally, such delicate pieces of art are placed inside glass cases, prohibiting people to interact with them. The aim of the project was to create “Smart replicas” of those objects and allow visitors to connect with them, by touching them and feeling the traces of time on their surfaces.  

A medical CT scanner was used to build exact 3-D models of the objects, which were afterwards printed with a 3D printer. Thus can visitors feel free to touch the objects and feel their texture. By using Junaio, they can also visualize decorations from the original objects and learn more about their history.

Starbucks Japan augments member cards with Junaio

Students workshop uses Junaio to create augmented Journalism

Robert Hernandez, professor of professional practice at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, demonstrated an AR tool designed by students in his “Augmented Reality & Journalism” course at USC’s eighth annual Teaching With Technology conference.

Using Junaio, Hernandez’s students augmented content within the Los Angeles Central Library. When Junaio is e.g. held up to a memorial statue of a torch that sits within the library, the user will see information, including photographs, news articles and video related to the 1986 fire that nearly destroyed the library.

Slanted Magazine #23 - Swiss Issue uses Junaio Augmented Reality

The 336-page issue of Slanted Magazine #23 utilizes materials to interpreted the opposing sides of Switzerland: A very shiny and structured surface against the raw and rough. This juxtaposition is represented in this issue with the use of the Chromolux-material. On the high glossy side, readers can follow the Tour de Suisse and the uncoated side features content of the Suisse Issue. Thanks to Augmented Reality and the Junaio app, readers can easily watch embedded videos of the Tour de Suisse on mobile devices.

Another article about this project:

Augmented wine bottles with Junaio (in French)

French agency Avina used Junaio to augment the label of Château Puech-Haut wine bottles. The project shows the potential of the AR technology offering a strong market differentiation for brands on one side and to enable the consumers to get more helpful product information on the other side.

Join 3D Geospatial Geneva Showcase

The 3D Geospatial Geneva Showcase is an open project showcase coinciding with an Open Geospatial Consortium event and sponsored by PEREY Research & Consulting to celebrate the city of Geneva while demonstrating advanced geospatial technology. Developers from around the world are welcome to submit projects and applications to be displayed during the showcase on June 11th.

Junaio supports ART to engage visitors

Artists and cultural institutions have a new opportunity to promote their exhibits in an engaging way - using Augmented Reality. Junaio Application is building a bridge between the artists and the visitors: on one side, artists can use Junaio to digitally augment their pieces of art, while visitors can use Junaio to discover more about the exhibition.

Vote for Metaio in the 2014 AWE Auggies

With the Augmented World Expo (AWE) just around the corner, we’re excited to remind everyone about the annual Auggie Awards. This year, Metaio is nominated for three awards: Best tools, Best Software, Best Enterprise Solutions. There are two ways to vote: directly through the AWE website or on Facebook.