SpongeBob Teaming Up with Junaio for an Augmented Marketing Campaign

Augmented cups

Augmented cups

How to pimp your Marketing Strategy? Have a look at Habib's and Ragazzo's brilliant Augmented Reality (AR) campaigns generating not only sales, but also a strong emotional connection with their customers. Discover more here.

Leeds College of Music Educates Students with Junaio

Students using Augmented Reality and Junaio to learn about professional audio equipment

Students using Augmented Reality and Junaio to learn about professional audio equipment

How to make it easier for students to learn about music recording studio equipment? Junaio is used by the Leeds College of Music to help teaching students about audio mixing equipment. Jisc, the charity offering digital services and solutions to UK education and research has created a Junaio channel allowing students to virtually interact with the different components and learn more about them. Discover how Augmented Reality was leveraged in this educational project and what the results were, in our full blog article.

Metaio and Junaio to help showcasing Nova, the world's first modular car!

Nova at AutoRAI, Amsterdam's International Motor Show

Nova at AutoRAI, Amsterdam's International Motor Show

A TU/ecomotive student team has engineered the world's first modular car, meant to drastically reduce the energy consumption and waste production. Yesterday they introduced the car for the first time at AutoRAI in Amsterdam.  Because the car could only be physically present four days out of 11, the young engineers commissioned Limebizz AR Concepts to digitally showcase the car using Augmented Reality. We were thrilled they relied on Metaio and Junaio for that. To learn more, read our full article on the Metaio blog.

Currency converting with Junaio Augmented Reality browser

Scan a banknote and convert its value to any currency you need with Junaio's Currency Converter channel.
Junaio can recognize all banknotes from Australia, China, the European Union, Great Britain, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan and the US. 
Learn more in the full article.

Augmented Reality as a portal to the past

Augmented Reality is a forward-looking technology, enabling the Internet-of-Things to become reality. However, 'AR' doesn't only look into the future, but it can also act as a portal to the past. Loughborough's pedestrians have the chance to escape their present and travel back 100 years, using the Loughborough Junction World War One and Junaio.
Discover more in the full blog article. 

Guiding your steps through Matera – the City of Stones


The city of Matera is located in the South of Italy and exudes the typical Italian romantic charm in architecture and culture. It is part of a huge national park with beautiful landscapes and haunting stone churches, caves and cliffs scattered throughout the whole area. It’s both eerie and breath-taking but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know your way around the rocky valleys and hillsides.

Our certified developer Yoomee Technologies created a location-based Junaio channel called “Parco della Murgia Materana” that allows you to discover and explore each and every one of the 149 stone churches in the area. You not only get information about the location of the churches, but also historic facts, opening times, and tour data. Discover more about the story of the channel, including some technical insights, on our blog.

The Metaio POI Creator is now in the Microsoft Office Store

Augmented Reality for navigation has never been easier since the release of Metaio’s POI plugin for Microsoft Excel. What does it do? This plugin allows you to create points of interest (POI’s) which can be viewed as augmented billboards in your camera feed using Junaio. Because the plugin operates within Microsoft Excel – it is now accessible to virtually anyone. Any changes or edits can be managed easily from within the Microsoft Excel sheet and exported directly with the click of a button. This easy export option creates a location-based channel which can be published in Junaio. Check out the video to see how it all works.  For step-by-step instructions, check out the Metaio developer portal