What is Junaio?

Junaio is a mobile Augmented Reality ('AR') platform that allows you to unlock digital information from places, products and sights around you. Using 'AR' technology, Junaio visualizes information in a completely new way. Junaio is powered by Metaio, a pioneer and leader in Augmented Reality technology.

What is Augmented Reality ('AR')?

'AR' is a fascinating technology which displays virtual, digital information on top of a real object or location, or in the real world using a mobile device's camera. It is a mixture between the real and digital worlds. Imagine having a virtual 3-D LEGO car placed on top of the real box in your hands or digital information about a shop right in front of its doors.

What information is provided in Junaio?

In Junaio you can find information about all kind of real world objects. Whether the content be a store,  museum, an event, a product, magazine or advertisement, you can interact with. Pretty much everything you can point your device’s camera at.

How do I access the info in Junaio?

Junaio is organized by channels. To find info and channels in Junaio you can either search by using the search bar or scan the object you want to know more about in scan view. 

What is  Scan View?

Scan view allows you to instantly scan QR codes, printed materials or objects to open related channels. Junaio can only recognize objects, products and images which have been added to the Junaio database by Junaio content providers.

What is Live View?

Live view is the heart of Junaio. After opening a Junaio channel, the content will be displayed in Live view. The info is either visualized as a digital POI giving you additional information about a specific location, such as directions, name, opening hours, and links, or, as a 3-D model on top of a real magazine cover. All digital information is integrated right in your device’s camera view.

Where is the Junaio content coming from? What is a Content provider?

In a standard web browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) all content is coming from external third parties and content providers. Junaio offers an interface (API) which allows everyone to create and submit their own channels and content. We monitor all channels before they go live in Junaio, but in the end, much like the internet, the content provider is responsible for the quality and availability of their content.